About us

“Opakowanie” (”Packaging” in English) is the leading title for packaging industry in Poland. Published since 1955, it is also the oldest monthly, which over the years has gained a group of regular readers, who are representatives of all market segments: producers, converters, designers and printers as well as suppliers of machinery, equipment and materials for the production of packaging and labels.

What makes it unique?

  • market leading publication with dominant brand awareness
  • thought leader and go to reference point for the industry
  • professional content written by knowledgable multilingual industry professionals
  • thought provoking content with extensive technology reviews, economic case studies and monthly themes
  • scientific articles published monthly for technical readers
  • constant presence of our scientific block “Packaging Spectrum”, prepared with the Research Institute of Packaging COBRO
  • website updated on daily basis with the latest industry information
  • weekly news highlights sent every Friday to subscribers
  • editorial independence while gathering source materials

Alfa-Print is a publisher of two monthlies: “Poligrafika” and “Opakowanie”, also available as web portals. The third title – Prind, dedicated to the industrial and 3D printing, will be soon launched as a website.